Vélo en bord de Mayenne à Montgiroux © J. Damase - Mayenne
Chemin de halage de la Mayenne à vélo vers Entrammes © J. Damase - Mayenne
Le Bac de Menil sur la Mayenne © J. Damase - Mayenne

The Mayenne River by boat

Consider getting out on the Mayenne River on a boat with accommodation on board and discover the local landscapes at a completely different pace, savouring the slow passing of time!


In under an hour, though, your boat-hire company representative can tell you all you need to know about driving and steering your licence-free boat  so that you can then can head off, completely independent, for a few days of tranquil river navigation.

Explore the Mayenne Valley at gentle pace. On your river cruise through unspoilt countryside, you’ll need to stop to negotiate the locks. Also, let yourself be tempted by the little riverside restaurants and the villages and towns along the way.

You’ll get a completely different perspective on these places from the water. Crossing Laval, designated an Artistic and Historical Town for its historic and art riches, you pass at the foot of the castle, and under the historic Vieux-Pont bridge.

You’ll travel along at a rough average of 6kph, a speed that allows you to savour sights and landscapes that you could never enjoy from dry land! 

If you feel like a little excursion on dry land, simply pop your bikes off the boat and follow the towpath, meeting up with the rest of your group at the next lock perhaps! 


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