Professional Corner

Whether you represent an accommodation provider, a bike-hire company, a tourist office, a tourist sight or a recreational site, this section of the website is for you.

Join Accueil Vélo (cyclists welcome)

Whether you’re an accommodation provider, a bicycle-hire company, a tourist office, a tourist sight or a provider of leisure services, this section is dedicated to you.

How to gain Accueil Vélo accreditation

Accueil Vélo is an accreditation that commits professionals who sign up to offer a welcome and services that are specifically geared to tourists travelling by bike.

How to sign up to Accueil Vélo?

1. Are you:
- a provider of tourist accommodation?
- a professional bicycle-hire company?
- a tourist office?
- a tourist sight or a provider of leisure services?

2. Is your establishment located under 5km from La Vélo Francette cycle route?

Study the maps covering La Vélo Francette cycle route

3. Do you offer services that meet the obligatory quality standards criteria laid down by Accueil Vélo for your specific category?

Read the terms and conditions for joining Accueil Vélo

4. If you’ve replied ‘yes’ to the 3 previous questions, you may send your written request to sign up to Accueil Vélo, via email, to the evaluating organisation in your département, which will then follow up on your request.

Find the name of your relevant contact in the section below.


To spread the word about La Vélo Francette

Download the documents presenting La Vélo Francette, including visuals, here: logos : 2 formats :

Press releases and press packs

Your contacts

To request further information, contact the people in charge of cycling in the départements, or French counties, crossed by La Vélo Francette :