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Legal statement for website


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1. Technical informations

Any user of this website acknowledges that he or she has the necessary skills and means required to access and use this website and acknowledges that he or she has verified that the computer system and configuration he or she is using contains no viruses and is in perfect working order.

The user acknowledge that he or she has been informed that the present website is accessible 24 hours out of 24, 7 days out of 7 except for cases of force majeure, difficulties linked to the structure of communications networks, or technical difficulties.

For maintenance purposes, the ADT Deux-Sèvres may interrupt access to the website, but it will make every effort to warn its users of such interruptions should the case arise.

The ADT Deux-Sèvres strives to do all it can to offer users information and/or tools that are both useful and verified, but it cannot be held responsible for any errors, lack of availability of information and/or the presence of any viruses on its website.

2. Data Protection and Privacy Law

We inform the user that, in accordance with Article 27 of the Data Protection Act covering Data Processing, Data Files and Privacy of 6 January 1978, the information the user provides when replying, if he or she wishes, to the forms given on the website will help provide answers to enquiries and is destined for use by the ADT Deux-Sèvres (the Tourist Board for the département, or French county, of Deux-Sèvres). This is the body responsible for the processing of answers provided by the user, using this information for administrative and commercial purposes, as well as for other companies within the ADT Deux-Sèvres group or for companies working in partnership with it, unless the user specifically requests that his or her information should not to be shared.

We inform the user that he or she has the right to access and rectify the personal data he or she has provided by writing to the ADT Deux-Sèvres.

3. Ownership and Copyright

The general structure, along with the software, texts, images (be they moving or still), sound and expertise involved in the creation of the website, plus all other components of the website, are the exclusive property of the ADT Deux-Sèvres.
It is forbidden to reproduce or re-use this website, in part or in total, by any means whatsoever, without the express authorisation of the ADT Deux-Sèvres and any breach constitutes a case of counterfeiting or piracy that may be penalized according to articles L.335-2 and beyond of the Intellectual Property Code.

The same applies to all databases appearing on the website, which are protected by the relevant clauses of the Intellectual Property Code implementing the European directive of 11 March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases, and of which the ADT Deux-Sèvres is the producer.

4. Conditions of use of the service for sending out promotional emails

The personal information and data gathered on this website’s forms are processed by computer to then allow us to inform you, via email, of our latest news and of our product and services offers, and/or those of our partners. Gaps in your replies to the series of questions on the forms is of no particular significance, but the more information you provide, the better we can tailor our responses to your requirements.

We guarantee that we take all measures possible to protect the data with which you provide us with the greatest levels of confidentialiy and integrity.

In accordance with law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify or remove information about you which you have provided to us.

5. On the user’s personal data and the managament of cookies

Access to certain contents on the website presupposes that the user will transmit specific personal information about himself or herself.

The relevant information and the nature of the information requested are clearly stated on the pages of this website where a request for the user to provide personal information is given. 

We inform the user that whenever he or she consults the website, cookies may be introduced onto his or her computer. However, a cookie does not enable the identification of a user. In general, a cookie registers information concerning a computer’s navigation on a website (noting the pages consulted, and the date and time the pages were consulted) that can then be called up on subsequent visits to the website.

A user can opt out of receiving cookies, or set up a warning system before accepting cookies, by configuring his or her computer settings in the following manner:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and beyond:

  1. Choose Tools, followed by Internet Options
  2. Click on the Confidentiality tab

Select the level of confidentiality you desire by shifting the cursor up or down or click on the Advanced button to personalize your management of cookies.

For Firefox:

  1. Choose the Tools menu, then Options.
  2. Click on the option Privacy settings
  3. Choose the Cookies tab.

For Opéra:

  1. Choose the Files menu, then Preferences
  2.  Privacy.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the icon representing a spanner, located in the navigation toolbar.
  2. Select ‘Options’ (‘Preferences’ for Mac and Linux, ‘Parametres’ for Chromebook).
  3. Chose the tab indicating ‘Advanced Options’.
  4. Click on the option ‘Contents Parametres’ under the section ‘Confidentiality’.
  5. In the Contents Parametres dialogue box that pops up, click on the Cookies tab.

For Safari:

  1. Chose Preferences, click on section ‘Confidentiality’ to preset parametres that suit your requirements.
  2. Click on the option concerning cookies and data of Web site.