Where to hire a bike?

Hiring a bicycle to ride along La Vélo Francette cycle route

Hiring a bicycle to ride along La Vélo Francette cycle route is a good option to consider so that you can be certain of having a bike in a good state of repair and well equipped for the journey; or then use a bike-hire company to add to any cycling equipment you may need. Some bike-hire companies may even offer a service to return the bike you’ve hired from the end point on your cycling trip.

Hire a bike along the route

It’s easy to find bike-hire companies in the big towns on or near the route, for example in: Caen, Laval, Angers, Saumur and La Rochelle.

Details on bike-hire companies are indicated on the interactive maps of the route’s various sections and stages. Do consider using bike-hire companies that have been accredited with the Accueil Vélo label, as they’re committed to providing quality services and equipment.

Some bike-hire companies offer panniers for hire, or trailers or third wheels to help travel along comfortably with young children.

When you hire a bike, you will need to leave a deposit with the hire company. Take good care of the bike and any equipment you hire so that you do get your deposit back at the end of your trip.

At time of writing, for the moment there are no bike-hire companies based at the start of La Vélo Francette specifically set up to provide services to pick up your bike at the end of trip if you wish to finish it far to the south. We recommend, though, if you wish to try and organize such a service, that you contact the relevant bike-hire companies directly to see if they can organize for you to return your bike at another town further south along the route.

You can also use train services to return to your original point of departure.