Jan et Margit from Holland sur La Vélo Francette © Marinette Boisselier

Jan et Margit from Holland

A cycling trip as a couple

Jan et Margit live around ten kilometres to the North of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. A country of water, where "nature is protected", explains Jan, similar to the Poitevin Marshlands, France's second-largest wet zone. It was when they discovered the La Vélo Francette® topoguide, in French as the Dutch version doesn't yet exist, that these leisure cycling enthusiasts decided to spend their holidays in France.

Discover La Vélo Francette differently: the "daisy" stay

Our Dutch friends didn't chose a roaming holiday, but opted to stay in a region crossed by the Vélo Francette, then another, and to visit them by bicycle over several days from one accommodation place.

After a first stop of one week around Anjou and the Loire castles, for a second stage in their trip along the Vélo Francette, Jan and Margit chose Coulon in the Poitevin Marshlands, a central point to leave their car and tour the signposted cycle trails.


Why chose Anjou and the Poitevin Marshlands?

For us, the Dutch, France is the leading holiday destination. At home, everything is flat, whereas in France, you have hills, mountains, Alpe d'Huez. There are two categories of Dutch cyclists, those that like the mountains and those that prefer the plains. Margit and I are more plains.


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