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Being well prepared for your cycle trip

Before heading out on La Vélo Francette, it is important to check the state of your bike and your cycling equipment, as well as to know the rules to follow so that your cycling trip takes place in the best possible conditions.

The bicycle and equipment for your cycling trip

Which bicycle should you choose?

a hybrid bike

For a day’s cycling outing, any bike should do.

If you’re planning to do the whole cycle route, best opt for a hybrid bike.

If heading out with young children, consider a trailer or a third-wheel option, both systems that prove more comfortable than attaching a child’s seat to the back of your bicycle.

It is possible to rent these accessories.

Before setting out on your cycle trip, at a minimum, make sure you check:
- the brakes
- the lights
- the gears
- the air in your tyres 

Transporting your luggage and small cycling accessories

Transporting your luggage and small cycling accessories

If you are going to transport your own luggage by bike, use panniers that can be attached to the rack at the back your bike. If possible, opt for waterproof panniers.

A backpack is much easier if you’re just heading out on a short cycling outing.

Attach a useful extra cycle bag to the handlebars to keep maps, guidebooks, camera, etc. to hand.

Always make sure that you have a basic bicycle repair kit on you with: bicycle pump, spare inner tube and a multifunctional tool for bikes.

Don’t forget to take a bicycle lock so that your bike is secure when you stop along the cycle route.

Bicycle and road safety

Bicycle and road safety

You must respect the highway code. If you’re caught breaking any important rules of the highway code, you can be fined.

Always take particular care when cycling along roads shared with motorized traffic, especially at crossroads and junctions and on bridges. When cycling along greenways, remember to give priority to pedestrians and signal your passing in good time.

It is compulsory to have properly functioning lights on your bike. If you’re cycling at night at all, or in the dark, we strongly recommend that you wear a reflective jacket as well as using your lights.

In France, it is not compulsory to wear a cycle helmet when cycling, but we strongly recommend that you do so.

Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and that you are responsible for any accident that might happen to you or to a third party if you break the rules of the highway code, don’t take into account traffic conditions or ignore dangers that you might be expected to encounter in natural surroundings.

Note that you must take out civil liability insurance.